Houston Lifestyles & Homes January 2010
There is nothing like starting out the new year with a new car. The smell of a brand new automobile and the pride a person gets from driving one is second to none.
For as long as auto manufacturers have been designing and producing cars, their motto has been “out with the old and in with the new.” This is true even if the car is only a few months old. Dealers will hold grand sales to induce the public to buy last year ’s models in order to make room for the new and improved versions.
In vintage Houston, the auto dealers offered promotions such as giving a car away during a baseball game or providing home delivery to increase sales. It was not uncommon to bring in a celebrity or two to help entice the public to make the purchase. Automobiles that held some sort of speed or distance record were guaranteed to draw a crowd and always seemed to make their way to Houston.
Fleet sales were big business and company owners were quick to show off their large purchases. And if all else failed, then it was a sure fire winner to put a pretty girl with a big smile somewhere near to attract attention.
A New Set of Wheels
By Story Sloane III
1929 NASH.eps
New car fleet of 1934 Dodges on display in front of the Sam Houston statue. 1935 Ford V-8 with Jubilee Queen in the back seat.   Home delivery of a 1928 Ford by Bonner Motor Company of Houston.   The 1928 Reo Flying Cloud, record holder for traveling from Miami to Chicago, a distance of 601 miles, in 30 hours and 25 minutes.  
 1929 Nash Auto with bathing beauty on the hood, in front of the Warwick Hotel.
Photos and historical facts courtesy of Story Sloane’s Gallery - www.sloanegallery.com
Historically Houston
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