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Mosaic of Colors Defines Paint Trends for 2010
Earth tones accented by bright, bold spots of color
pqi home designs 4.jpg
Contrasting walls and cabinetry were used in this kitchen area
By Sandra Meineke
The world is a rich mosaic, born from a variety of elements that combine to create a whole. In the same way, a rich mosaic of colors can affect mood, style and even the d écor of a home.
Trends in paint colors for 2010 reflect that eclectic mosaic palette. While many consumers are “going green” with earth tones and colors that provide comfort and serenity, the bold and bright eye-popping colors have their own fans —often in the same household.
Lifestyles magazine consulted with  leaders in the paint industry to learn what trends are expected to prevail for the next few years in new homes and remodels.
The Fall 2009 issue of PQI Magazine has this to say about color trends, “Today’s versatile palettes encompass colors inspired by the earth, sea and sky, along with metallics and brights to add ‘pop.’” This trend lends itself particularly well to designing multiple color schemes, with a nod toward how colors would naturally fit together. For example, [consumers] may combine pale beige with a brighter, true blue, to recreate the look of earth and sky. Or they may create the appearance of a sun-dappled forest by complementing a muted green wall color with burnished gold metallic trim. ” PQI goes on to say that additional visual interest can be created by the use of paints of various sheen levels in the same room. A semi- or high-gloss paint is always a good choice for trim, while a more unusual treatment is to use satin or eggshell finish paints on ceilings and walls.
Color trends for 2010 take inspiration from a variety of social and economic influences. In addition, living space personalization continues to act as a driver for color change, with accent walls or niche areas appropriate for small doses of high impact, bold color, while using more subtle hues on broad wall areas.
Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with the Paint Quality Institute, states, “More and more homeowners are taking on the task of simple home projects to save money and improve their current space. ” Regardless of the reason for change, a new coat of paint is one of the most economical ways to create a fresh, clean look.
Blue and Brown
According to the same issue of the PQI Magazine, the color blue—which has always been popular—continues to be a favorite among decorators. “Since blue is so prevalent in nature, it is now one of the most important  
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pqi home designs 1.jpg
Softly painted walls bring a sense of calm to this airy bedroom. Paint by Dow; photo from the Paint Quality Institute.
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