Houston Lifestyles & Homes March 2010
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Quality, Creativity and Service
Crenshaw Landscapes
Dedicated to bringing high standards to homeowners who recognize the value of professional landscaping and maintenance, Crenshaw Landscapes will show you the difference that details and proper planning and maintenance can make in your landscape. An investment in quality landscape grows in value with maturity, brings you enjoyment and is a source of pride for years to come.
281-564-4665 www.crenshawlandscapes.com
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Release the Beauty in Your Concrete
Gallant Garage & Patio
Discover the true beauty of your concrete when it is acid stained by the professionals at Gallant Garage & Patio Surfaces & Coatings, Inc. Their revolutionary concentrates allow you a choice of intense or subdued color. Add extra natural beauty by matching surrounding rock and natural settings. Both old and new concrete produce exciting results when refurbished with Gallant Garage & Patio’s next generation of chemically reactive acid stain. Call 281-762-9707 for your free estimate!
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Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Areas
green links
Golf greens, playgrounds, bocce ball, lawn areas and fire pits are just a few of the outdoor entertainment areas that Green Links provides. These synthetic turf game courts, playgrounds and lawns are beautiful, clean and inviting year round. Green Links has eight-plus years experience installing synthetic turf, stone work and landscape. Call to learn how they can turn your vision into a fun and beautiful asset for your home and family. Terry Westbrook, 713-932-9997.
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Got a Dirty Driveway or Deck?
confident roof cleaning
Concrete, flagstone, brick or wood, whatever you may have, Confident Roof Cleaning can restore it and make it look new again. They use a special tool made for cleaning these surfaces, and biodegradable chemicals that insure there are no streaks or lines left behind. They can pressure wash just about anything safely and effectively, at a reasonable rate. Call Confident Roof Cleaning today for your free quote, 713-817-6117. www.gotadirtyroof.com
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Transform Ordinary to Extraordinary
Concrete Décor Company
Concrete Décor Company is your source for patterned concrete. They transform ordinary floors into beautiful, easy to maintain floors with elegant finishes. From the stone path to your front door, to the pool patio out back, their skilled craftsman can enhance your existing landscape and interior d écor with custom concrete finishes.
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Highest Quality and Utmost Care
unique builders & development, inc.
From concept to completion, from the smallest remodeling job to building a custom estate, you can be assured your project will be completed with the highest quality and utmost care. For 25 years Unique Builders & Development, Inc. has been dedicated to their customers, making their dreams come true. Call for your free consultation today.
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