Houston Lifestyles & Homes November 2009
fashion: Lamb handbags, fall accessories
Beauty Black Book
Renaissance Expressed
 in Fragrance
CREED Acqua Fiorentina
Master perfumer Oliver Creed with his son, Erwin, offers a fragrance of lasting artistry and permanent value. The inspiration is 15th century Florence in Italy, where artists and innovators such as da Vinci and Michelangelo lit a new flame of beauty and culture, sparking a Renaissance of art always growing in worth, even today.
Creed Acqua Fiorentina is hand made with flowers and fruits from the orchards and gardens around Florence. Greengage plum is the masterpiece top note. Warm base notes of Virginia cedar and Indian sandalwood are the sculpted wood frame for this work of art. Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. One ounce, $130.
Prada .jpg
Irreverent Luxury
Lamb handbags, fall 09
Available at fine department stores
Glara in Gilded.jpg
Clara in Gilded, $325
Fisher in Scarlet, $245
Elmwood $395
Miles in Icon Stencil.jpg
Fisher in Scarlet.jpg
Covey in Mahogany.jpg
Haswell in Sterling, $395
Lambert in Sycamore.jpg
 in Sycamore,
Haswell in Sterling.jpg
Covey in Mahogany, $475
Miles in Icon Stencil, $185
Barcellon in Bullion, $225
Barcellon in Bullion.jpg
Jean in Scarlet.jpg
Jean in Scarlet, $450
Elmwood in Icon Stencil.jpg
A Graceful Presence
Prada introduces L’eau Ambrée
A refined and carefully balanced meditation on beauty and desire, L’Eau Ambrée is a fragrance that has a graceful presence, empowering but never demanding. It is a discreetly impressive scent that balances its classic influences within the modern tone of the Prada Parfums vernacular. L ’Eau Ambrée is a new addition to the Prada Classic range, which combines an intricate and fresh approach to the balancing of the notes of citron, may rose and amber.
Feel Good Hosiery
You probably know that hosiery can make you look good, but what if it could make you feel good and even help you live healthier?
FUTURO hosiery applies controlled, graduated pressure, that is strongest at the ankles and decreases as it moves up to help maintain blood flow up the legs.
Perfect for work or travel, FUTURO can help prevent the development of blood clots as well as swelling and that tired, achy leg feeling.
Available in four graduated levels of support—Energizing, Restoring, Therapeutic and Anti-Embolism—FUTURO improves circulation, relieves symptoms of tired and achy legs and varicose veins, massages legs as you move and helps chronic symptoms such as ankle swelling and fatigue.
The FUTURO Energizing  product provides an invigorating feeling for high-energy women who are frequently on their feet, travel, wear high heels and maintain stationary positions for prolonged periods of time.
FUTURO helps you stay in stride with its Restoring solutions for men and women. Ideal for active workers, pregnant women and post surgery patients, the Restoring line helps relieve symptoms of moderate varicose veins, ankle swelling and edema.
For more acute cases of varicose veins, ankle swelling and chronic leg fatigue or heaviness, FUTURO Therapeutic open toe and open toe/heel stockings can help relieve these severe conditions.
 FUTURO also offers an Anti-Embolism stocking that helps reduce the danger of thromboebolic disorder, which is linked to 100,000 deaths each year. Available in assorted sizes for both men and women including trouser socks, stockings and pantyhose, FUTURO products are designed to promote a better quality of life and look good, too!
Energiizing French Cut Black.tif
Accessories for Fall
Ready to wear now...
When designing the line, Tory was greatly influenced by old
photos of her parents on trips during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s
to places like Greece, Morocco and Istanbul. Available at
toryburch.com and specialty department stores worldwide.
Show off the season’s ruffle trend with a pair of Echo’s ruffled glove. Feminine yet bold, these bright colored gloves are sure to make your outfit pop. $28. Available at www.echodesign.com.
Chris Gardner became a hero around the world with his No. 1 New York Times bestselling memoir The Pursuit of Happyness. Now, he is teaming up with eye-bobs eyewear, an international reading glass company, in a new, creative venture through which proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization near to Gardner ’s heart. For more information, visit www.eyebobs.com.
Made in the Mountains of Italy
TY 7002Q.jpg
cara .JPG
CARA, in navy
 polished calf
TY 7004.jpg
carly tomato.JPG
CARLY, in camel
 baby calf
iniko .JPG
INIKO, in midnight
 hair calf
GARBO, in red
Chris Gardner in Thick Eye EyeBobs.jpg
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