Houston Lifestyles & Homes October 2009
Oriental Diagnosis
Your Body Never Lies by Michio Kushi explains the principles of Oriental medicine, so that you can understand and use this natural, non-invasive approach to restoring good health. It shows how to detect and understand health problems by looking at the mouth, lips and teeth; eyes; nose, cheeks and ears; forehead; hair; hands; feet; and skin. Clear diagrams and easy-to-use charts assist in quickly recognizing signs of illness so that you can begin working toward a state of balanced well-being.
This complete guide is a revolutionary yet centuries-old way to identify and prevent disease while preserving health and harmony.
Soups Redefined
The 44 recipes in the Williams Sonoma New Flavors for Soup book are inspired by familiar favorites that are elevated to a new level with the addition of seasonal produce, bold global flavorings and simple, but high-impact cooking methods.
Whether it’s a broth-based soup, a creamy vegetable puree or a thick, rich stew, each recipe explains how and why the innovative ingredient pairings work together to create enticing new tastes.
Dozens of full-color photographs show each finished soup as well as an array of flavorful ingredients that will reinvigorate your cooking.
Marketing Strategies
Building on his first book, Internet Riches and his popular “E-Commerce Success” blog and podcast, Scott Fox keeps the focus on using today’s latest Web technologies for one purpose—to make money. In his new book e-RICHES 2.0, Fox delivers practical details and specific, tactical steps to help readers select and maximize the best online strategies for positioning, promoting, publicizing and selling a product or service. He provides examples from his personal experience and other inspiring, real-world case studies in addition to smart tips and profitable facts.
Red and Black
What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired by Red-Black is a real approach to personal finance and prioritizing your life.
Eavesdrop on sisters Red and Black’s candid, and entertaining, exchanges as they discuss the things that matter most. Their informative conversations cover everything from specific financial issues such as balance sheets, credit cards and long-term financial planning to more fundamental concepts such as values, time management and handling stress. This book will be available at Neiman ’s this fall.
Homemade Remedies
Renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar provides time-tested natural therapies and herbal remedies that are safe, effective and easy-to-use in Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. She guides you every step of the way, from the growing and ecological harvesting of herbs to basic preparations and dosage directions.
Originally published as Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal, this comprehensive recipe collection offers a potent prescription for energy, health and vitality at every stage of life.
Family Tradition
Family Meals by award-winning chef and mother Maria Helm Sinskey is filled with delicious, easy to prepare, made-from-scratch recipes, written for people of all ages. Her experience with her own children and those of friends and family prove that when kids help select ingredients and join in meal preparation, they ’re more eager to eat what they’ve cooked. More than offering a collection of recipes, each chapter sparks curiosity about where food comes from and how foods are made through culinary projects such as curing bacon and smoking salmon.
This book is filled with fresh, wholesome and seasonal meals that are a joy to create and satisfying to eat.
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